In this FREE Organic Intelligence® Clinical Mindfulness™ Series, host and OI Founder Steve Hoskinson talks with experts in the helping professions about how mindfulness helps. From therapy to midwifery, the practice of presence is healing -- get the latest "how to's" and the science behind it all. 

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When it comes to Organic Intelligence® “midwifery” is the most compelling metaphor of our style of accompanying presence. Life is moving in, around and through us. Each moment may become another birth of consciousness for us individually and collectively. With an adept midwife life unfolds most naturally, and especially well in case of complications. Natural, rhythmic cycles of contraction and respite are tended, supported and all held in compassionate embrace. Michelle Borok brings this presence to everything she does. Midwife, fertility guide, teacher, mindfulness practitioner, OI coach, friend… Listen as Michelle shares her perspectives on midwifery, empowerment, healing and mindfulness.


Most psychotherapists use some elements of mindfulness in their practice. Both supportive and adverse effects of mindfulness interventions are well documented. By understanding what happens in a mindfulness or meditation practice, and some simple, yet fundamental, neuro-biological principles of human systems, therapists can more skillfully offer these practices to their clients and minimize the potential for adverse effects. In this first of the Clinical Mindfulness Series' free webinars, Robin Craig chats with OI Founder Steve Hoskinson on common misconceptions of mindfulness, adverse effects, and how mindfulness can be 'applied' to boost your effectiveness, heal from burn-out, and benefit those for whom you care.

"With meditation, it isn’t 'doing mindfulness.' It’s cultivating the conditions in which a mindful state can flourish."

- Robin Craig

Organic Intelligence is changing the field of therapy with its Trauma Safe™ Approach and The End of Trauma™ Initiatives. 
OI works for life on the planet from an ecological view. We teach people how to understand the interactions between all natural systems. Especially for the human biology, past trauma is not the problem. Trauma is a fact of life. The focus on trauma in therapy disorganizes the system, causes suffering and delays recovery. Join us for a better, more effective, and fully inclusive alternative -- where biology meets community, where the body heals us, and where spirituality emerges naturally by understanding our oneness.
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