In this FREE Organic Intelligence® Clinical Mindfulness™ Series, host and OI Founder Steve Hoskinson talks with experts in the helping professions about how mindfulness helps. From therapy to midwifery, the practice of presence is healing -- get the latest "how to's" and the science behind it all. 

Ep 17: Part 2 of Freedom from Shame: Awakening to Your Joyful Essence

Saturday, JAN 16, 9-10am PST

“Shame strikes deepest into the heart.” (Silvan Tomkins)

As adults, we know shame as the distressing and unpleasant emotions, ranging from slight embarrassment to the highly charged and intense feeling of mortification. But underlying the emotion of shame is an innate physiological process present from birth that is protective, enhances our survival, and is free of meaning. As we come to understand the biology of shame, we can begin the process of de-shaming shame and increasing compassion for ourselves. To emerge from the vortex of feeling shame for having shame, we begin the journey of recovering our vitality and sense of aliveness.

On Saturday, JAN 16, 9-10am PST, Karen Bauman, MA, OI Mentor, returns to Clinical Mindfulness to continue the discussion with Steve Hoskinson on shame. In this talk, they'll discuss the physiology of shame and how this innate affect becomes the family of emotions we call shame. This understanding points us in the direction of our path: to integrate experiences of sustained interest and enjoyment such that a sense of self can emerge that is less encumbered by shame.


EP 16 - To Do or Not To Do....

"Is efforting inherently undesirable or disorganizing?" While in OI we emphasize finding the path of ease, not having to work so hard, this might leave us with an idea that if there is effort, maybe we're doing something "wrong." Meanwhile, many meditation approaches emphasize a flavor of efforting or striving that might leave us with an idea that non-efforting is "wrong."

One aspect of Organic Intelligence is understanding the movement between the Phases, and being able to feel into the different textures of efforting and letting go that show up in each Phase. The OI mapping of system development clarifies how to attune to an "auto-organizing" impulse in both effort and non-effort.

In this Clinical Mindfulness episode Robin Craig, OI faculty, and Steve Hoskinson, OI founder, explore the very natural expressions of both effort and letting go, and understanding how these play out in the different Phases.

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Ep 15: Creating High Capacity Organizations

Effective organizational leaders share the same fundamental longing as their employees: the ability and capacity to handle a world of increasing complexity, and better differentiate the various issues in their companies and organizations. 

In this episode of Clinical Mindfulness, Charlie Ruce, LMFT and OI Mentor, joined OI Founder Steve Hoskinson to talk about his experience of applying the principles of OI’s 3-Phase Model to organizations.

As complex systems, organizations can be shepherded through a similar process as individuals to move out of chaos and towards a state of auto-organization. Steve and Charlie discussed what needs to happen in each phase of organizational development for flow to increase and chaos to decrease. Charlie reflected, as well, on his experience with mindfulness and meditation practices and how those also can apply to creating flow within organizations.


Ep 14: Ease, Spontaneity and Freeing the Orienting Architecture

In this Clinical Mindfulness episode OI Mentor & Feldenkrais Method® practitioner Tiffany Sankary joined Steve Hoskinson to talk about the intersection of The Feldenkrais Method® and Organic Intelligence®, and how these two approaches together empower a person to live with ease, pleasure, and curiosity.

The result? Freedom in the body to orient to what is around us! 

That freedom gives us access to a wellspring of creativity, and can surprisingly support us in being more well-oriented on our life path.


Ep 13 - Freedom from Shame: Awakening to Your Joyful Essence

Joseph Campbell said, “I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive...we want to feel the rapture of being alive.” However, persistent feelings of shame can circumvent that feeling of being alive. And as often happens, we experience even more shame for feeling the deadening effects of shame.

In this Clinical Mindfulness episode Karen Bauman, MA, OI Mentor, shares a deeply personal process of moving from debilitating shame to connecting to her own joyful essence. Together, we considered the counterbalance to our shame. We explored how we can gently, with kindness towards ourselves, align with our essence. In doing so, we can discover what it looks like to move through the phases of attaining a sense of dignity and expanding into compassion for ourselves and others.


Ep 12 - Black Lives Matter. Collective Action, Collective Healing

In this uprising for Black lives, all peoples are called to transform the trauma of white supremacy. The mourning and mobilization following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks and many others are changing the fabric of our collective reality. We are called to co-create a world where Black and Indigenous folks, people of color, and all peoples are free to live and live well. We are called to live actively into knowing that our liberation is bound together.

In this Clinical Mindfulness episode, Rebecca Renfrow and Steve Hoskinson explored how we can cultivate conditions to support ourselves and others to simultaneously take action now in support of Black life, and work from the nervous system up to transform our own conditioning and the ways in which we have internalized myths of white supremacy. 

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