The End of Trauma

8 Weeks to a New Experience of Well-Being. 

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Healing Happens.

Organic Intelligence® speaks the language of your biology. It's the language of natural rhythms, of being in Sync. Goodness is waiting to find you. Find out why it hasn't, and how it can...

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The tools you've been looking for to relieve stress and overwhelm, and move into a more enjoyable life experience are here - Healing Happens. Learn these tools and how to work WITH your biology in The End of Trauma Course.

What You'll Get in the Course

Weekly Live Webinars with Steve Hoskinson

The End of TraumaTM Course is an 8-week online course that teaches you the tools and practices that work specifically with your biology to get you out of suffering and onto the path of healing. 

When our systems are well synchronized, we are well. And when they are out of sync, we are not well, and we are suffering. In The End of Trauma Course, you will learn how to see the inevitable signs, from your biology and mine, that are signals for the return of that re-synchronization process. The End of Trauma. Your nervous system wants to heal - you can learn how to wisely support and facilitate that.

The course opens each week with a live webinar with Organic Intelligence founder, Steve Hoskinson. Steve will introduce each week's theme and focus, speak to the science behind the week's topic, and offer guidance on how to get the most out of the week's practices. The webinars, all your video lessons, downloadable audios, and Bonus Materials stay in your library for you to use at any time, for as long as you like!  Steve will also open it up at the end of each weekly webinar for your questions. Prepare to have your mind blown -- in a good way... 

Daily Informational Videos

Get direct teachings from Steve on the science of Organic Intelligence and WHY we need to look at our biology for real growth and change in our lives. The good news is your system wants to grow. In The End of Trauma course you will learn the language of your biology, and, with the help of original OI Maps, how to understand and support its natural emergence and impulse toward healing. Healing Happens.

Daily Strategic Use of Perception (SUP!) Audio

A daily meditation - Organic Intelligence® style, known as Strategic Use of Perception (SUP!). Listen as Steve guides you through the channels in which you experience the world - Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meaning, and Affect. Learn how to tune into those channels for support from your biology, and how their interrelatedness holds the key to true system growth and resilience......and then into Prosilience.

The End of Trauma Journal

Nothing overlooked here. The End of Trauma Journal was specifically crafted to give you all the tools, support, and guidance to integrate Organic Intelligence into your daily life - with ease and clarity. Teachings from the daily Informational Videos and guidance from the daily Strategic Use of Perception Audio downloads are fully integrated into each Morning and Evening journal page. Writing prompts, Strategic Use of Perception practices, evening reflections, beautiful images, quotes, and inspirations....This is a fully comprehensive and integrated Journal experience. Only 15-minutes a day will have you experiencing your world in a directed way that capitalizes and catalyzes your biology's natural impulse to grow, connect, and experience joy.

Find Your Way to the End of Trauma with the Three Organic Intelligence® Maps!

These three stunning maps show your biology's natural impulse towards healing. Join the movement of people who are turning to their nature for answers. Begin learning the language of your biology now!

"Steve Hoskinson and Organic Intelligence are pure genius.  OI draws on a variety of disciplines including, neuroscience, psychology, biology and mindfulness and combines them in a unique way that delivers a transformative experience like no other method out there.  And, I know this first hand because OI has transformed my life, moving me out of chronic stuckness and into a sense of joy, flow and possibility. These lasting changes came about with the greatest of ease as the OI concepts and mindfulness practices simply became a part of my daily life—it all feels so natural, and easy, but the results are so profound."

Paula R. De Masi

Who Is This For?

The End of Trauma Course will support you in feeling better, doing better, and BEING better. Who have we helped? Therapists. Teachers. Mindfulness Instructors. Fitness Experts. Yoga Instructors. Non-profit Professionals. Activists, artists, authors, athletes, parents, chefs, students....Every Body. We get you back in the game, and free from stress and burnout, so your light can shine as brightly as it was meant to shine -- and warming others with your glow.

Why is OI so effective?

Everything you'll be doing and learning in the Course is designed to work WITH nature -- doing the things your nervous system WANTS to do. EASE is the way -- no more "white knuckling" your way through the day, trying to get yourself to do what you've been told is the way to achieve, feeling guilty and inadequate... With the End of Trauma Course, you'll experience the flow you know is possible. Every week, with Organic Intelligence founder, Steve Hoskinson, as your guide-- step by step you'll find yourself bouncing back. 

Proven by therapists:

--Trauma Safe!

For over 20 years Steve Hoskinson has taught thousands of therapists how to use his method. Now it's available for you -- whether you're a therapist, coach, teacher, parent or partner -- anyone who feels they are here on this planet to be helpful. Organic Intelligence® is at the crossroads where biology meets psychology, where the body and mind are one, and where spirituality is found in the abundance of compassion.  

Sound about right? 

Complexity Made Simple and Fun...

In The End of Trauma Course, you will get the same OI information taught to helping professionals around the world -- but at home, on your schedule, at your pace. You'll have Steve's teaching in live weekly webinars, and coaches in your Private Facebook Group. Daily reflection time with your journal can be supplemented by teachings in the Bonus area on the nervous system, key concepts from positive psychology, guest lectures on support for parents, and more....

We Are Healing

Why is ease such an important tool? Here is one of the actual daily informational videos you'll get with your End of Trauma Course. Solid science is why OI works! This video gives you the science supporting the value of ease and effortlessness. (3:43)


Join us Today - Registration Closes February 10th, 2019 at Midnight (PDT)

The End of Trauma Course begins on Monday, February 11th with your first Live Webinar with Steve Hoskinson. Registration for the course runs January 30th - February 10th (Midnight, PDT). There is a 30 day, money-back guarantee - so don't hesitate to join. A new way of being is ready to emerge...with a little support and backed-by-science, biology-driven guidance.

The End of Trauma is for Every Body

"This work is truly life changing on a personal and professional level! For anyone who wishes to live a more vibrant , connected, and heartfelt life this is for you."

-Helena Walsh

Eve Derooy, LMP, CCST

"This work has totally transformed my life (for the better). My practice is so full I am often booked out many months in advance with a long waiting list. I have new insights and experiences into joy, curiosity, ease, and simple pleasures of being alive that I did not know were possible. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to increase the effectiveness of their healing work, and anyone who would like to enjoy their own life more.”

Craig Deuchar, Voice, Presence and Trauma Healing Coach

"Organic Intelligence has been an absolute life changer for me personally and for my career. It’s like a framework for living your life in a way that’s meaningful and joyful. I feel so empowered to know that this scientifically grounded magic comes from my own biology! I’m stressing way less and living WAY more and so are my clients who I share this with. I’m astounded by the results and how fast they’ve come! I highly recommend the End of Trauma course taught by Steve, who is the embodiment of Organic Intelligence; a pleasure expert with compassion for days; and an all round fantastic person to be around."

Andrew Barone, US Marine Corps (Retired)

"Prolonged Exposure and CBT sessions spun me up and really activated me. Afterwards I would need my medications. On the other hand when I go through an OI session, I feel fantastic. When I walk out, my body feels great, my mind feels great, and I know that something positive has happened. I feel better. That is a profound measure of success.”

The End of Trauma is a New Beginning

This Course is like no other. While many courses offer solid information -- much of it has been available before. Steve Hoskinson's Organic Intelligence, and The End of Trauma, are redefining the therapy field. We teach you to understand the hidden language of your instinctive Self. It's the missing link, and the reason you haven't been able to get the results you've been looking for. The missing link? The language of Re-Sync!

"It's a movement."

- Eva Belanger, MA, LMFT, Warriors Live On


Get Access to Exclusive BONUSES!

  • VIP End of Trauma Facebook Group, moderated by folks trained by Steve. Feel connected, share experiences, get feedback, and grow your OI community.
  • 5 BONUS Webinar Videos: 90-minute videos to help tune the vehicle of your biology. Check out a sample on our YouTube page.
  • Live Group Coaching sessions with Steve

  • Educational Video: “Working with Children”

  • Organic Intelligence® Maps - These stunning Maps are your OI roadmap to healing

  • Bonus “Strategic Use of Perception” (SUP) audio downloads

  • Transcripts of Informational videos 

  • $500 towards other OI programs - HEARTraining® and OIX*

  • Lifelong access to The End of Trauma Course

  • Be one of the first 50 people to register and get a FREE gift!

"OI and Steve's approach has been a massive boon and blessing in my personal and professional life over the past 15 months. People notice the difference and ask me what have I been doing? There's more ease and wellbeing, more play (!), more fun, more energy and flow, and less suffering. I'm noticeably less encumbered by the weights of traumas past while being equipped with understanding and effective tools to get out of the muck when I need. And it amazes me how much of the work to get here has been fun. My clients and students are also benefitting as I gain clarity, presence, coherence, and skills, and show them the way toward wellbeing. Overall I find myself more and more living the life of purpose, connection, intimacy, and inspiration that is my reason for being, and doing so with a sense of embodied Grace supporting and opening the way. I love OI's elegant combination of rigor and heartfulness and I thank you for offering a path of deep and accessible healing that our world and bodies so need."

Danny Cohen
Mindfulness Instructor & Coach

Made by People Who Care for People Who Care

You know this: we were made to care for one another-- it's the most normal thing. Children know it, wisdom teaches it, and our hearts beat to its rhythm. Organic Intelligence is here to help you get the most out of life-- by bouncing back, and by giving back. From abundance. Every. Single. Day. Don't give up! Joy is your sustainable energy source. It's our nature, our birthright -- let me show you how...


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Get Free Access to the 3 Organic Intelligence® Maps

These 3 stunning graphics map out your biology's natural impulse towards healing. Join the movement of people who are turning to their nature for answers.

Begin learning the language of your biology now!