The End of Trauma Course

Re-Sync Your Psychology

Begin your journey of Post-Trauma Growth from the home of Post-Trauma Growth (PTG). The End of Trauma™ Course is a 10-week online course that teaches the exact steps to PTG in the exact, necessary order.

Why such precision? When our systems are well synchronized, we are well. When they are out of sync, we are not well. Feel "off", anxious, stuck, overwhelmed? Learn the actions to take, linked to your own biological states, that move you from states of chaos to growth mode.

This course was developed by international trauma expert and Organic Intelligence Founder, Steven Hoskinson. You'll work directly with Steve to gain the precision necessary to make real and lasting change -- just as thousands around the world have.

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The Course begins March 13, with the Introductory Week -- but there's still time to join! Registration closes Friday, March 18, 2022.


Our Systems Know How to Heal and Grow in This Very Moment.

"Re-Sync Your Psychology" is your invitation to reconsider everything that you've been taught you "psychological trauma." Our history of trauma, personally and societally, has us looking in the wrong direction and asking the same questions -- like "How do we heal trauma". The answers lie in another direction, with new questions.

"This course has been such a potent key to unlocking my access to presence and joy! I have intellectually understood certain concepts, but with this course I have had direct experiences with presence, ease, beauty of life and feeling alive. Thank you!"

Danella Durieux, EOTC Alumni

See how the End of Trauma Course works and how it can work for you.


We Help You Build the Neural Connections to Your Inherent Wellbeing

Next Cohort of The End of Trauma Course Coming Fall 2022


Steve Hoskinson, Founder of Organic Intelligence®

Steve created the End of Trauma Course (EOTC) to help people understand and experience healing. He is an internationally recognized trauma educator and mentor, and the founder of Organic Intelligence. He has trained thousands of trauma therapists and teachers over the past 20 years, teaches in Somatic Psychology at JFK University, and gives invited addresses at major conferences worldwide. Steve’s Organic Intelligence approach is taught around the world, including in the OI Coaching Certification program, Dr. Mark Hyman’s “Broken Brain” docu-series, and for meditation teacher training at Spirit Rock. Steve is also host of the End of Trauma Podcast...and loves gardening.

"The End of Trauma Course is not a course.

It is life giving practice."

Mayra Hitchens, EOTC Alumni

 Who Finds Help Here?


  • People whose symptoms haven't been understood and who need a change

  • Those in the healthcare and human services fields confronting burnout

  •  Therapists and coaches who want to understand the somatics of trauma

  • Activists who want to learn resilience skills for themselves so they can help others without burning out

  • Educators, parents and partners who tend and care for others

Designed by Nature 

Everything you'll be practicing and learning in the End of Trauma Course is designed to work WITH nature. Step by step you'll discover your own healing potential, by doing the things your nervous system WANTS to do. EASE is the result. With the End of Trauma Course, you'll experience the flow you know is possible -- without the hype, risk of retraumatization, or confusion common in many programs.

The headwinds of civilization, trauma, systemic oppression, COVID and "othering" grind away at our humanity. With the End of Trauma Course, every day you will receive support after support for restoration. The daily tools reinvigorate what we lose sight of in the day-to-day: we are made for healing, caring and connection.

The End of Trauma Course grows your wellbeing naturally, so our shared humanity comes alive every day. 

We know why you might feel anxious, lacking confidence, depressed, grief-struck and tired...

What are those “feelings”? They are “states” of the physiology. These underlying biochemical states become conscious in the “Channels” of our experience: anxious feelings, anxious thoughts, sensations in the pit of the stomach, anxious images. They ALL reflect the underlying physiological state, and interact in a way that keeps it happening. Controlling or directing just one of these Channels will not change the system that caused them to arise. We need to learn to work with all the Channels of our experience, and how they go together.

Ready for some good news? Your biology is already at work, sending signals of support in these channels all the time! In this Course we learn how to use the OI "ISOMA" framework.  We work in each of these channels week by week— Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meaning, Affect (ISOMA). You will learn to recognize your own unique and necessary supports coming from your biology all the time. 

“I know how to grow. I know how to heal. I know how to feel better.”

The End of Trauma Course is built around the way your body, your physiology, is all the time telling you good news - “I know how to grow. I know how to heal. I know how to feel better.”

Making Visible What's Been Missed--Up Until Now

Organic Intelligence is a framework and a perspective — a way of seeing and understanding. It is based in the new science of network systems, justice practices, clinical psychology, contemplative practice, neuroscience, and more. Each step is clear, carefully lined out, and is developed by OI Founder Steve Hoskinson -- your teacher for the Course.

  • Weekly Webinars with LIVE Q&A
  • Personal Feedback from Steve in Weekly Live Coaching
  • Daily neurobiological "State-Shift" Meditations and Informational Videos
  •  200+ Page EOTC Workbook with Specially OI-Designed Daily Morning & Evening Practices
  • Daily Support and Feedback in Your Private End of Trauma Online Community
  • Lifetime Access

Get Your Questions Answered 

Steve provides Weekly Live Coaching and Webinars

In weekly webinars and coaching, learn some of the practical science behind each week's study, ask Steve your questions, and get personal guidance on how to fine-tune the Course to your situation. Replays will always be available. Not able to attend all the sessions live? Email your question in beforehand to get it answered.

The full live schedule is announced with each new cohort.

The End of Trauma Course (EOTC) is meant to be taken over and over again. It's the OI growth pattern: grow, rest/integrate, grow. We grow in EOTC, then rest and integrate it, then come back and grow more. It's the organic path of real system change found only here.  

Live Coaching continues after your first time through the course, and your course materials are always available. As an EOTC Alum, you'll be invited to join everyone in each new round of EOTC -- that's twice every year!  The Course is made to be repeated, and many EOTC Alums have already taken the course 7 times or more! In future rounds, you’ll receive free weekly live coaching with expert OI Coaches, continuing in the private online EOTC Community.

Meditations: Daily Strategic Use of Perception (SUP) Audio

Brief, daily meditations help ease your neurobiology into growth patterns of nervous system states. This "state shift" process helps your system work better, and incorporates the organizing information that help us learn and grow. These are known as Strategic Use of Perception (SUP) practices. Listen as Steve guides you through the channels in which you experience the world: Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meaning, and Affect (ISOMA). The point however, is that we learn how to do this ourselves: how to tune into those channels of support from our biology, understanding how they hold the key to resilience. Bonus materials for sleep, pain, surgery, and many more are included. Your lifetime access means your EOTC resources will be there for you from now on. Downloadable, these will go with you and grow with you.

Daily Lesson Videos

Get direct teachings from Steve on WHY and HOW we look to our biology for real growth and change . We know that our systems heal naturally. Learn how to use and sequence the tools that prime for your personal bandwidth growth. More bandwidth means less confusion, more ease in processing emotions, access to intuition, and better focus. Incremental, digestible steps in the End of Trauma Course signal safety to your system, and build the body and brain connections for real system change. You will learn your own biology's language and, with the help of the OI Maps, you’ll know how to better understand and support the natural emergence of healing.

The End of Trauma Workbook

The End of Trauma Workbook gives you all the tools, support and guidance to integrate Organic Intelligence (OI) into your daily life - with ease and clarity. Each day you enjoyably build the neural pathways to your inherent wellbeing. You’ll enjoy the OI exercises, story-telling, evening reflections, evocative images, quotes, and inspirations that speak compassion to your system at both the conscious and implicit levels. 

This comprehensive Workbook has tools and information you will use in your life, for the rest of your life. In only minutes a day you will come to experience your inner world in a new, more alive, re-synced way. 

"A very powerful learning for me is that ‘negative thoughts come from a biology that's trying to keep an already negative-bias system stable, and therefore stuck.’ It just feels like I've got hope for turning this around now. As I told a friend yesterday: this course feels like ‘my way out.’ And it's all so ‘simple.’"

Natasha S., EOTC Alumni

Trauma Safe

Trauma is a fact of life. With simple, guided practices, the End of Trauma Course creates the states that sooth and strengthen a wounded system enough to allow it to let go into growth and change mode. The way out is the way into Post-Trauma Growth mode -- our human birthright.

This is a better, more effective, and natural alternative. Meet Organic Intelligence® — where biology heals psychology, where the body and mind are one, and where spirituality finds its home in the body.

Experience the path of Post-Trauma Growth and how ease-fully and naturally real change can happen.


"In a million years, I wouldn’t have guessed that an online course called the End of Trauma would be so life-changing. Having lifetime access to these resources and community means the learning and growing never have to stop."

Breon M., EOTC Alumni

Our Nature

Why is ease so transformative? When it’s organic, in harmony with our biology, effortlessness becomes transformational. Solid science is behind everything in OI, and is taught in digestible, daily videos. Try this sample of one of the INFO videos. It is from Week 7, ”Affect Week" (4:54).


"Organic Intelligence has been an absolute life changer for me personally and for my career. It’s a framework for living your life in a way that’s meaningful and joyful. I feel so empowered to know that this scientifically grounded magic comes from my own biology! I’m astounded by the results and how fast they’ve come!"

Craig Deuchar
Voice, Presence and Trauma Healing Coach


"I can't contain this love burst for your program. It is the only therapeutic map I have found that encompasses and enriches all of the experiences that I have found most useful and helpful in life. There's so much to learn and explore around this, but I just wanted to say thank you."

Matthew Fogarty, Counselor, and Author of "A Place-Based Guide to Wonder"


Thank you so much. I feel that this course is a landmark in my evolving as a human being. I still have a lot to integrate but it has been already a life saving process for me. Thank you ever so much!

Sofia Figueiredo, EOTC Alumni


"This work has totally transformed my life. I have new insights and experiences into joy, curiosity, ease, and simple pleasures of being alive that I did not know were possible. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to increase the effectiveness of their healing work, and anyone who would like to enjoy their own life more.”

Eve Derooy, LMP, CCST

The End of Trauma is a New Beginning

Healing is happening in a new, creative voice. A voice of Organic Intelligence®. It is the language of your instinctive Self. It's the dream that's been waiting. The missing link...and the biology of Re-Sync.

Get Access to Exclusive OI Resources - for a Lifetime!

  • The End of Trauma Online Community. Feel connected, share experiences, get feedback, and grow in the OI community.
  • LIVE Coaching in future rounds of the course with specially trained OI Mentors
  • Transcripts of All Informational videos 

  • Dedicated EOTC email for Support
  • BONUS: “Nerd Out” videos that scratch your neuroscience itch

  • BONUS: “State Shift" meditation downloads

  • BONUS: Educational Video: “Working with Children”

  • BONUS Webinar Videos: "Art & Science: Freeze and Polyvagal Theory," "Evolution of the Human Image Channel" and more 
  • BONUS INFO Videos to help tune the vehicle of your biology

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime access to The End of Trauma Course

  • Deduct the full EOTC cost from tuition if you join the yearlong OI Coaching Certification program

"OI and Steve's approach has been a massive boon and blessing in my personal and professional life. There's more ease and wellbeing, more play (!), more fun, more energy and flow, and less suffering. My clients and students are also benefitting as I gain clarity, presence, coherence, and skills, and show them the way toward wellbeing."

Danny Cohen, Mindfulness Instructor & Coach

Collective Intelligence

Healing at all levels of society has never been so important. Organic Intelligence stands with those on a path for justice and compassion — personally and societally. We offer this Course for your personal healing, to move past trauma. It is also offered in the spirit of undoing biases. Those are automatic physiological and emotional reactions which can result in harmful behavior. Such conscious and unconscious patterns of thought and feeling can be changed. What's more authentic can then return: a felt sense of connection with, and commitment to, the entire human family and our home, our planet. Our collective restoration rests here. 

Made by People Who Care for People Who Care

You know this: we were made to care for one another. It's the most normal thing. Children know it, wisdom teaches it, and our hearts beat to its rhythm. Organic Intelligence is here to help you get the most out of life — bouncing back and by giving back. From abundance. Every. Single. Day. Joy can become our sustainable energy source. It's our nature and our birthright. Join a community of care and hope -- the End of Trauma Course starts soon.


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