End of Trauma™ Course - Quiet Compassion

There are no other Organic Intelligences® in the world. It’s just us — Steve, Amber, Martha, Nathan, Tashia, Kimberly… We are growing our little OI family, and opening our arms as wide as we can. Your payment helps us help others.

We are throwing open the doors to OI’s support for a society in need — and we need your support too. Here at OI we’re all giving back, taking less. If you can possibly choose this level of support for EOTC right now of $1395, it will convert immediately into our being able to offer more support to those with more need.

Multiplying our own blessings into gifts that can be life-giving is a rare act of quiet compassion.

What you get in the End of Trauma Course:

    • A Course of Continual Growth for Repeated Use
    • 10 weeks of Daily Support, "State Shift" Meditations & Informational Videos
    • Over 200 pages of Daily Practices and Information in the End of Trauma Workbook
    • Weekly LIVE Webinars with OI Founder, Steve Hoskinson - replays available in Course 
    • Weekly LIVE Coaching Sessions with Steve for your first and second time through the course - replays available
    • LIVE Coaching with ongoing rounds of the course with specially trained OI Mentors
    • Transcripts for All Informational Videos
    • The End of Trauma™ Online Community - a place of daily connection, support, and guidance with EOTC Moderators and fellow members
    • Bonus OI "Nerd Out", INFO Videos, and "State Shift" Meditation Downloads
    • $500 towards future OI courses**
    • Dedicated EOTC email for support
    • Certificate of Completion - a prerequisite for the [email protected] "HEART Coach" Certification
    • Downloads to take your support practices with you anywhere
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Dial in partnership support & communication: your partner residing in the same household can join in EOTC at the special rate of only $195. Choose this option at checkout! :-)


** $500 OFF Coupon will be available at 10-week completion. May be applied to new/future full courses only.


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