Belonging & Connection

Family. The look and shape of family is evolving before our eyes. In this COVID era, we are faced with so many questions, and parenting has taken on unanticipated challenges. OI Family Community with Amie Summers is a heart-full offering into these challenging times with specific support for families and parents.

Based in the understandings of Organic Intelligence and its complex systems framework, Amie Summers, LICSW and OI Faculty, offers accompaniment for facing challenging times. In OI Family Community learn practices and strategies to better attune to and understand what your child is attempting to communicate with their behaviors and how to best support them - laying the foundation for healing, growth, and greater connection.

OI Family is a community of mutual support to cultivate a place of belonging and connection in our families. Together and in community we support each other in growing connection and ease in our families, and learn the skills we can practice at home which create a deep trust that grace will be given and received. 

Here we will learn quick access to the most powerful and most human compass: belonging and connection.

All it takes is a little support for the seeds of our nature to take root.


Get support for yourself and your family around...


  • How to anticipate when patience is running out, and what to do right away

  • How to step aside of potentially hurtful family patterns that have been passed down from one’s own family and cultivate patterns that are nurturing for everyone

  • How to navigate space and together time in a way that’s good for everyone

  • How to hear the hidden wisdom coming from unlikely family members

  • What to do in those times when you feel like you’re not enough

  • How to recognize your own deep wisdom that is showing up in this community of connection

  • And more......

Monthly Webinar

Each month Amie will share a theme or topic that can support your family’s movement in the direction of living with greater ease and connection. It might be easy ways to:

  • strengthen relationships with our children
  • creative ideas for navigating upsets
  • supporting our children in becoming more of who they already are
  • what does discipline really mean?...
  • and specific topics offered by you and other OI Family members

Monthly webinars will also include time in large and small groups and in growing our mutual support -- because raising children truly is meant to be done together!

Sustaining Practices 

Receive a (short!) meditation recorded by Amie each month especially for our OI Family Community. In the meditation, you’ll be invited to bring specific strategies and practical exercises in your daily living that will support the continued movement of your family in the direction of ease and enjoyment! How much or little you engage with these offerings is up to you! You’re encouraged to feel out, over time, the “just right” amount.

Collective Wisdom

In-between the monthly webinars, Amie will be ongoingly available for support, including around how the strategies and practices are going for you. Each week Amie will share a new video response to questions coming in from parents and carers in the community. What’s arising in one family is almost certainly arising in another’s, and we can learn from each other and connect in this way.

Amie Summers

Amie Summers is a licensed social worker (LICSW) and faculty at Organic Intelligence®. Amie started her career in pediatric hospitals, joining with healthcare professionals to provide psychosocial support to patients and their families. In her clinical practice, she has the honor of witnessing children and teens transform and re-discover they’re (their) awesome. Her two greatest teachers are her children, who are experts in living playfully, with ease, and in the moment!

Spirit of Sharing 

OI Family Community is offered in the spirit of both generosity and reciprocity. If you can give support for the many programs we freely offer in these challenging times, thank you. Your membership immediately helps provide care for many others who may not be so fortunate at this time. In these days we discover again and again how we each need one another. Choose a level of donation or monthly membership that reflects you best, and that you can feel good about. If you need support, then be blessed with the gratitude for compassionate provision. If you can provide support, accept deep gratitude on behalf of others. Your compassionate participation, at any level, supports all of our Trauma Safe™ programs of compassion. Your monthly membership can be changed as needed, at any time. You are wholly welcomed into this community of sharing, where the opportunity of sharing heartfulness is the greatest gift.

OI Give


Experiencing abundance--

In giving, we receive.

In sharing are we blessed.

In letting go, we are found.

We are partners in the infinite exchange:

giving & receiving,

sharing & being blessed,

letting go & being held.

It's Yin & Yang, breathing in & breathing out, Red & Blue.

Knowing there is no difference, no distance, no bridge between who we are and who we want to be.



OI Support


This means a lot--


Money can symbolize so many things: status, safety, energy, survival, security, etc. In our Trauma Safe™ programs we join together to experience a Source of security deep within us.

Once so Sourced, we can effortlessly give, as the Source is infinite. This gift you make is a symbol of that understanding.

We'll work together to more happily embody these deeper truths.



OI Choose

Pay What You Can

You are invited to support this offering in whatever extent you are able, financial and otherwise. Your giving back can be:

  • A financial contribution
  • Pray, send metta, send love
  • Pay it forward -- tell a friend, or post online about us
  • Send us an email of encouragement
  • Tell someone about The End of Trauma™ Course
  • Grow, heal, be well