There are so many complexities of living with health challenges. Just to have someone who can really hear and support you with these complexities is nurturing to your biology. Ashley Homstad has navigated these challenges and is ready to support. She found the maps of well-being provided by Organic Intelligence® and OI Founder Steve Hoskinson to be relevant across the wide spectrum of the chronic illness experience. Connect with Ashley and Steve, and others who have found support for well-being, and get your own map for your own unique path of well-being.


Webinar Series

Ashley will consistently present a topic that can help you navigate toward feeling better and living better. It might be reflections on grief, on navigating the health care system, on daily living skills, on relationships…Do you have a topic suggestion? Email us at [email protected].

Getting Together 

Join Ashley and OI Founder Steven Hoskinson every month to talk with our growing NOW community. Live, online — you can ask questions and share your experience of NOW. Participate as much or as little as you like — listen in or check-in. Only you know what’s best for you. We’re honored to be a part of this journey with you.

A Bounty of Compassion

To nurture our well-being, we are constantly honing what is too much — even of a good thing — and what is just right.  Steve says, “Nothing is achieved by trying too much.” We’ll provide you with maps that will help you get the feel of the sweet spot of “just right” — which we often discover by doing too much, and then too little. That’s the honing process! 

Resource Archive

Another rich benefit of joining NOW is accessing the archive of webinars and bonus videos created by Steve Hoskinson and past NOW host, Paula DeMasi. Topics previously covered include: Befriending Pain, Managing Setbacks with Ease and Pleasure, Lifestyle Strategies, Staying on Track, and more!

Ashley Homstad

Ashley lives with a heart calibrated toward growth, collaboration, and compassion. She is committed to ongoing training and community building within the field of body psychotherapy. As an expected graduate of the Organic Intelligence Human Empowerment and Resiliency Training (HEARTraining) and the Organic Intelligence Coaching Certification Program, she offers a holistic and humanistic approach for NOW webinars and coaching. Ashley’s interest in group work has led her to facilitate workshops and supervise operations with therapeutic programs, renowned for their specialties, such as Pacific Quest and ‘Ai Pono.

She is a Master of Social Work earned at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a graduate of California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S in Applied Nutrition.

Steve Hoskinson

Steve Hoskinson is an internationally recognized trauma expert and educator. He has trained thousands of trauma therapists over the past 20 years in, addition to presenting keynote addresses at conferences worldwide. Steve founded Organic Intelligence®, which advocates how the field of trauma therapy can be more ethical, more effective and Trauma Safe™. Steve’s expertise has been sought out by Somatic Psychology department heads, for teacher training at Spirit Rock, and in Dr. Mark Hyman’s “Broken Brain” docu-series. He also hosts The End of Trauma Podcast.

When It's the Right Time for You

We’ll offer you a LOT of resources, including links to websites, relevant research, interviews with experts, recorded meditations, writings, etc. We understand the impulse to get better can be like deep hunger, and once you find something that really helps, there’s a temptation to overindulge. Take time, and let the resources we provide be part of your practice of finding the sweet spot for input of not too much and not too little. Everything will be right here, recorded for you — when it’s the right time, for you.

Spirit of Sharing 

Nurturing Our Well-being is offered in the spirit of both generosity and reciprocity. If you can give support for the many programs we freely offer in these challenging times, thank you. Your membership helps provide care for many others who may not be so fortunate at this time. In these days we discover again and again how we each need one another. Choose a level of monthly membership that reflects you best, and that you can feel good about. If you need support, then be blessed with the gratitude for compassionate provision. If you can provide support, accept deep gratitude on behalf of others. Your compassionate participation, at any membership level, supports all of our Trauma Safe™ programs of compassion. Your monthly membership can be changed as needed, at any time. You are wholly welcomed into this community of sharing, where the opportunity of sharing heartfulness is the greatest gift.

OI Give


Experiencing abundance--

In giving, we receive.

In sharing are we blessed.

In letting go, we are found.

We are partners in the infinite exchange:

giving & receiving,

sharing & being blessed,

letting go & being held.

It's Yin & Yang, breathing in & breathing out, Red & Blue.

Knowing there is no difference, no distance, no bridge between who we are and who we want to be.



OI Support


This means a lot--


Money can symbolize so many things: status, safety, energy, survival, security, etc. In our Trauma Safe™ programs we join together to experience a Source of security deep within us. Once so Sourced, we can effortlessly give, as the Source is infinite. This gift you make is a symbol of that understanding.

We'll work together to more happily embody these deeper truths.



OI Choose

Pay What You Can

You are invited to support this offering in whatever extent you are able, financial and otherwise. Your giving back can be:

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