Biology's Bridge to Here-and-Now

Our natural connection to the world about us through the senses is our biological link to here-and-now. Organic Intelligence® invites us to establish this connection through Orientation – connecting to the environment through the senses - as an “initial condition” for a stable mind. 

Meditation practice does not have to be separate from “the rest of my life.” When how we practice is integrated with how we live, we find that daily life and formal practice become both integrated and mutually reinforcing. The interweaving of perspectives offered by Organic Intelligence with well established mindfulness traditions provides a foundation for this integration, cultivating the conditions for a stable mind that provides the ground in which the heart can blossom.



Weekly Gathering

Each week in Moving Into Stillness, we come together to explore topics relevant to meditation and OI. Through guidance and the curiosity of the community, we deepen our understandings through group discussions and connection.

Monthly Practice Discussion 

On the first Wednesday of each month, our weekly Gathering will open up for broader discussion of how our practice is going. We’ll explore what’s going well, where the growing edge of our practice is, and questions and curiosities about practice. We’ll also discuss the interweaving of formal practice and moment-to-moment life experience.

Guided Practices & Retreats

In this course, you will be provided with a growing library of downloadable guided meditations as well as short Practice Guidance recordings. From time to time we will gather for an online retreat to support community connection and practice.

Robin Craig 

Robin Craig is a Certified Meditation Teacher, studying in The Mind Illuminated tradition and is Organic Intelligence® (OI) Faculty. She has mentored with OI Founder Steve Hoskinson since 2006. Robin studied Neuroscience at the Vollum Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research in Portland, Oregon and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona.

Today, Robin is exploring how to restore physiological, spiritual, and psychological resiliency through the natural interweaving of Organic Intelligence and meditation. Through her Meditation Teacher Training program and her time studying OI, Robin has been discovering the natural ways that OI’s understanding of going “beyond trauma” goes hand in hand with deep spiritual teachings and practice. Both teachings bring the understanding that joy is a part of the path to the deep spirituality and interconnection that is ours by nature. Robin continues to learn from teachers who emphasize a path to awakening that includes cultivating a joyful mind.

With meditation, it isn't 'doing mindfulness.'


It's cultivating the conditions in which a mindful state can flourish." 

- Robin Craig

Spirit of Sharing 

Moving Into Stillness is offered in the spirit of both generosity and reciprocity. If you can give support for the many programs we freely offer in these challenging times, thank you. Your membership helps provide care for many others who may not be so fortunate at this time. In these days we discover again and again how we each need one another. Choose a level of donation or monthly membership that reflects you best, and that you can feel good about. If you need support, then be blessed with the gratitude for compassionate provision. If you can provide support, accept deep gratitude on behalf of others. Your compassionate participation, at any level, supports all of our Trauma Safe™ programs of compassion. Your monthly membership can be changed as needed, at any time. You are wholly welcomed into this community of sharing, where the opportunity of sharing heartfulness is the greatest gift.

OI Give


Experiencing abundance--

In giving, we receive.

In sharing are we blessed.

In letting go, we are found.

We are partners in the infinite exchange:

giving & receiving,

sharing & being blessed,

letting go & being held.

It's Yin & Yang, breathing in & breathing out, Red & Blue.

Knowing there is no difference, no distance, no bridge between who we are and who we want to be.



OI Support


This means a lot--


Money can symbolize so many things: status, safety, energy, survival, security, etc. In our Trauma Safe™ programs we join together to experience a Source of security deep within us.

Once so Sourced, we can effortlessly give, as the Source is infinite. This gift you make is a symbol of that understanding.

We'll work together to more happily embody these deeper truths.



OI Choose

Pay What You Can

You are invited to support this offering in whatever extent you are able, financial and otherwise. Your giving back can be:

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