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To Shift From Shame to Connection


Persistent feelings of shame can circumvent the feeling of being alive. And as often happens, we experience even more shame for feeling the deadening effects of shame. Underlying the emotion of shame is an innate physiological process present from birth that is protective, enhances our survival, and is free of meaning. Join Karen Bauman, MA, OI Mentor, in Journey of You (JOY) where we will look specifically at the biology of shame, and ways our biology is always giving us information on how to reliably feel better. We will discover how coming into sync with the natural rhythms of our biology will do the work of melting shame.


"Persistent feelings of shame can circumvent the feeling of being alive. As we come to understand the biology of shame, we can begin the process of de-shaming shame and the journey of recovering our vitality and sense of aliveness."

- Karen Bauman

Reliably Feel Better 

When our biology no longer has that easy swing, it is not in harmony with our inner or outer environment. We experience this as recursive thoughts, intrusive imagery, social anxiety, depression, addictions, and self-harm behaviors. Whatever your challenges may be, shame is typically lurking in the shadows. No matter how much you may be struggling, your biology is already trying to help by offering you support, care, and compassion. This Journey of You (JOY) monthly membership and community is one where we can de-shame shame. We will minimize effortful “doing” and reduce trying to force change. Instead, we will simply establish the necessary initial conditions and then watch how the auto-organizing process will do the bulk of the work. In other words, we are going to find easier ways out of the shame trap.

JOY is For You


This Journey of You membership is for you, and I want to make it fit what helps you as much as I can. In Journey of You (JOY) we'll gather together weekly on a day and time that best fits the community. You can join the weekly offerings in real-time or enjoy the recordings at your lesiure.

There will be one (1) opportunity to join with me live each week. I'll share and explore around the same topic at both gatherings, and you're welcome to join one or both, as best fits your schedule and time zone:

1st & 3rd Mondays: 9-10 am PT

2nd & 4th Mondays 6-7 pm PT



Twice a month we'll come together to look specifically at the ways our biology is always giving us information on how to reliably feel better. Discover how coming into sync with the natural rhythms of our biology will do the work of melting shame.


Join interactive coaching and a variety of tools to gently support reconnection with your own wholeness and goodness. We will enjoy shame-melting activities in large and small groups, answer individual questions, share what is working, and support belonging and connection together.


Each month we'll welcome a different guest to share from their unique perspective or skillset on how to work with shame. These will take many different forms, such as interviews, activities from their expertise, or explorations of specific topics as they relate to shame (e.g., addictions, body image, relationship to food, etc.).


Have access to a growing library of resources including practices, readings, guided meditations, quotes, recorded answers to common questions, and more.

"I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive...we want to feel the rapture of being alive.”

- Joseph Campbell


Karen Bauman

Karen Bauman, MA, OI Mentor, spent 15 years teaching academic reading, writing, and critical thinking for international students in American universities. But her true love was to find integrative approaches to facilitate the experience of feeling more fully alive. 

Since 2004, her training has included various therapeutic bodywork modalities, mindfulness practices, and nervous system regulation practices. Organic Intelligence® now serves as her foundation for understanding and working with complex individual systems as well as social systems. She has also received training in Somatic Experiencing®, NeuroAffective Touch®, and Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists.

Karen maintains a private practice in Newport Beach, California, working primarily with adults who want to get unstuck and get on with living, no matter what traumas or overwhelming stress they have experienced. She also specializes in working with the dysregulated nervous system patterns underlying chronic pain and other syndromes. 

Membership Options


Journey of You (JOY) is offered in the spirit of both generosity and reciprocity. Your membership immediately helps provide care for many others who may not be so fortunate at this time. In these days we discover again and again how we each need one another.

Choose a level of donation or monthly membership that reflects you best, and that you can feel good about. Your compassionate participation, at any level, supports all of our Organic Intelligence programs of compassion. Your monthly membership can be changed as needed, at any time. You are wholly welcomed into this community of sharing, where the opportunity of sharing heartfulness is the greatest gift.



Experiencing abundance--

In giving, we receive.

In sharing are we blessed.

In letting go, we are found.

We are partners in the infinite exchange:

giving & receiving,

sharing & being blessed,

letting go & being held.

It's Yin & Yang, breathing in & breathing out, Red & Blue.

Knowing there is no difference, no distance, no bridge between who we are and who we want to be.




This means a lot--


Money can symbolize so many things: status, safety, energy, survival, security, etc. In our Trauma Safe™ programs we join together to experience a Source of security deep within us.

Once so Sourced, we can effortlessly give, as the Source is infinite. This gift you make is a symbol of that understanding.

We'll work together to more happily embody these deeper truths.




Revitalize Ourselves--


Feeling ok again leads to doing better, for oneself and also for others. It is our honor to partner with anyone with the heart for service. Your payment is your commitment to being the change you want to see in the world. We revitalize ourselves, knowing that energy will vitalize others.