PTSD: Post-Trauma

System Development


"Post-trauma growth happens when we understand how human biology can — and has an inborn impulse to — grow emotional bandwidth. We are at our best when we become the midwives of this innate emergence."

Steve Hoskinson, OI Founder


Post-Trauma Growth


The secret is in our DNA. In this PTSD Course you’ll learn to see the innate biological expressions for healing, including from trauma. Recognize subtle signs of the auto-organizing impulse and learn to use the OI maps to support Post-Trauma Growth progress.
With the course's "ISOMA" framework, you understand what you are seeing in a client's biology, in all of its facets: Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meaning & Affect (ISOMA). You will build therapeutic alliance faster, attune better, and move quicker from symptom relief to Post-Trauma Growth. 




The key for catalyzing auto-organization is timing and attunement to biological rhythms: using the right intervention at the right time. This course will teach you to identify when a client’s reorganization window opens, and how both you and your client can help grow that state.

Postcards From Home

Whether you're already seasoned in systems thinking or just beginning, the ISOMA framework helps you see where the 'action' is. Expert demonstrations reveal that biological signals of help are unconscious, but constantly expressing in one of these: Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meanings or Affect (ISOMA). Help your clients see that their best help is already at hand. That's empowerment — yours and theirs.

Simple? Yes - with Complexity Science clearly explained.

The science is here: we already know how to heal. Post-Trauma System Development is filled with real examples of organic growth in complex systems. That means clients feeling better faster.

Our challenges are complex. These strategies help you keep up.


Tools that Stabilize

Learn tools that stabilize flexibly--not just by controlling--our physiology and emotions. Modulation, not fixation, is what our biology knows, and how it heals.

Complex Systems

Get practice using the OI maps so your attunement becomes spontaneous. We become the right conditions for clients to discover their own organizing initiative.

7 Classes: A Trauma Safe Trajectory

Work safely and feel secure knowing how to "do no harm." Therapists love the stabilization tools for their most dysregulated clients.


You're Invited! 

The PTSD Colloquium is a monthly gathering with Steve, primarily for those interested in using the OI Post-Trauma System Development work with clients. Get the benefit of direct access to Steve's 25 year teaching and therapeutic career with a monthly look at the step by step process of the OI Empowerment Protocol with live Demonstration Reviews. Learn directly with one of the innovators in a new generation of embodied healing, along with a community dedicated to healing for oneself and others. Explore how for trauma treatment, what was once unimaginable is now necessary:  "The Job is Enjoyment."


Take a Tour -->

This 8-minute video tour of the Course shows some of the care we take in building a course that refines — and redefines — what therapy is and does. Simple, yet not simplistic. The clarity of Steve's teaching sheds new light on trauma, and shows therapists a new post-trauma treatment world. 


What's Included: 

  • Special teachings for dealing with COVID stresses
  • Invitation to join monthly LIVE Colloquium & live demonstration review with OI Founder Steve Hoskinson
  • Lifetime Access — enjoy your OI learning from now on!
  • Learn to work safer, and see clients get better faster
  • A great start on the OI™ Trajectory
  • 15-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • 7 Classes showing how to safely foster Post-Trauma System Development (see #'s 1-7 below)

Steve Hoskinson

Steve Hoskinson is an internationally recognized trauma teacher and mentor. He has trained thousands in his approach over the past 20 years, teaches in Somatic Psychology at JFK University, and gives invited addresses at professional conferences worldwide. Steven founded Organic Intelligence®  to support healing and harm reduction with OI Trauma Safe™ programs. Steve’s teachings have been sought out by Somatic Psychology department heads, Dr. Mark Hyman’s Broken Brain docu-series, for meditation teacher training at Spirit Rock, and as guest for the 2019 Plum Village Neuroscience Retreat in France. To empower healing communities, Steve created the Clinical Mindfulness Series, The End of Trauma Course, the Trauma Safe™ Series, and the End of Trauma™ Podcast.